Biennale Experience

My experience during Biennale in Florence 2007

It was quit an experience, the Biennale and Florence as a city. During the Biennale I was fortunate enough to meet several people from different countries all over the world. Artists, gallerykeepers and artlovers. Some of the artists I have mentioned on the LinksPage.

What was expected, came true, a big variaty of artforms and styles. So many, that at some point I even got a little tired of watching at all the different kinds of art. At that point I was happy to look at the big white ceiling of my hotelroom instead of watching television. The city impressed me very much. Besides the great art you can find all over the city, it was nice for me to just wander trough the streets and let my thougts go along the way. You keep on getting new immages, even if you walked that particular street more than once. The city itself has so many facets and details, at times it is as busy as a carnival but that doesn't matter. Florence als has great places to eat and drink. Lunch is very important in Florence, you can tell by all the shops and little stores, they have their bread out to rest, pizzas are freshly made and so on. At night it is almost impossible to choose a nice restaurant, there are so many !. In holland we are used to having diner at about 17.00 hrs, in Florence that was much later, about 20.00 hrs.

In between the exhibition I enjoyed wandering with my girlfriend trough the city. We went to the Dom, The Baptesterium, Museum by Leonardo da Vinci, The Medici Chapel and so on and so on...
San Spirito caught my eye in particular, this church is never completed, but has its own unique character.

I came back to the Netherlands with so many impressions and inspiration, but also with lots of new contacts, galerykeepers, artists, artlovers.
Several countries have taken interest in my work. As eager as I am, I would like to visit all those countries, but I am afraid that I Have to make choises.
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